A Typical Day On Board

Imagine waking slowly to the sound of the water lapping around your yacht.  After a moment of contemplation you go from your cabin and into the Saloon and the smell of coffee before making the first big decision of the day, do you swim first, or take coffee first!

For those who rise early there will be a short meditation on the deck of the yacht, to greet the morning and set a good intention for the day.  For anyone who prefers to rise a little later, we will have our first yoga session ashore, in a beautiful location close by the boats.

We can have a light breakfast on board, or perhaps take a short stroll to a nearby taverna to sample the local foods, then, when everyone is back on board, we will set sail for our next destination.

With sails to set, navigation to be done, and lookouts to be kept, there will be a place for everyone who wants to be involved in the sailing of the boat.  There will be plenty of time to take the helm, and get a real feel for the freedom of sailing across the open sea. 

Our midday and afternoon destinations will vary, as we choose between secluded anchorages where we can swim and snorkel, to little towns and places to explore the landscape and heritage sites. Picture the small and unassuming small Croatian island of Šćedro, just south of lively Hvar. Coined as “most peaceful island in the Mediterranean”. Now protected as a nature park, it has been known as a great place for anchorage and safe harbour since the ancient times of Caesar. Its untouched beauty, with many hidden coves, and majestic abandoned village, this is the perfect place to while away the hours in peace perfect peace. We will take our afternoon yoga practice somewhere just as perfect as this, and those that wish to can go ashore to walk, or perhaps find some gifts from the local shops.   

Our evenings will be spent in one of the beautiful smaller towns on the Islands.  This gives us the opportunity to go ashore and sample some of the local cuisine.  There are some very lovely local restaurants, however, if you wish to each on board the boat, the ample cooking facilities mean that is always an option. 

Our Daily Practice

Paula will lead two yoga practices each day, along with pranayama and meditation.  We will of course be following the rhythm of nature with this trip, and our yoga practice will take that philosophy, finding incredible locations, and times, to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your retreat. 

Our practice will be daily and flow with the rest of our itinerary, with a morning and evening practice. We can practise on beaches, in woodlands, in secret alcoves, anywhere we find – even on the boat!

I love to blend the beautiful stretches and freeing movements of Yoga poses with a deeper connection to our breath, enriching our practice and leading us towards a meditative state. This seductive combination of nature, sea and Yoga lulling us to flow with the rhythm of life itself.

This is a perfect platform to truly expand your body and mind and deepen your connection to your inner Self and the world we live in.

The magic of the ancient philosophy will add depth and meaning to everything we share.

If you wish to take a moment to have a massage, or enjoy a reflexology treatment, Tracy will be onboard, and you can book this with her.  Depending on the location of the boats at the time you may decide to have your treatment on board, or perhaps nearby to the boat in the beautiful natural surroundings. 

Night Sail

On one of the evenings we will enjoy a night sail.  This may be a sunset sail to watch the stars slowly blink into the night sky, or slipping away silently in the early hours of the morning to watch the sun slowly come up over the Islands.  This is truly a magical experience, and the feeling of peace as your yacht cuts through the water on a calm night with bright stars overhead is one that will stay etched in your memory for a lifetime.  

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