We Hope to Sail with You Next Year!

We understand that you can’t join us this year, but we’ll contact you again before the start of next season. Meanwhile, read on to learn about what makes Sailing the Med special.

Why We Differ

We are all Friends of Friends

Practically everyone on our yachts are a friend of a friend. So you can basically say we are one big happy family!

Our Skippers are our friends too!

Most companies use local skippers in the Med. That means a very young lad who won’t speak great English. Our skippers are UK based friends that we know and trust.

We do monthly catch-ups

We are an extended group of friends who catch up on a monthly basis for drinks, BBQ’s, fun nights out, games etc. Should you join one of our trips, you’d become part of the inner circle too, the family – one of us. We don’t randomly throw people together. We take the time to get to know everyone and determine whether they would be a suitable fit. We have a regular Meet and Greet session in London. Come and Meet the gang and see if you like us.

No ‘couch surfing’!

Unlike other operators who squeeze you in like battery hens, we don’t discount our trips by putting 10 people on a 43-foot yacht designed to sleep 8.

Big spacious yachts go faster meaning more excitement when under sail PLUS we cover more miles and thus discover more locations during your week. Bigger cabins, more space to spread out and 3 sometimes 4 bathrooms per boat. Always keeps the ladies happy

Private CabinWe do NOT have people sleeping in the saloon i.e. the boat’s lounge area, to reduce the price per person. A great idea when you’re 21 years of age, not so great when you’re grown up and appreciate quality of your holiday over price.

Everyone on our trips gets a bed in a private cabin often with a private bathroom.

No hidden cost!

We don’t make up nonsense taxes and extra charges like well known companies to make the price look cheaper (e.g. £60 Port departure tax, £75 ‘arrival’ fee). In fact – we are 21% CHEAPER than others!

Everyone is welcome!

We make a point of meeting every person who joins to ensure we have the best bunch of people on our boats. We welcome all walks of life.

Our Experience – 13 years in the Med

Critically, the organiser and owner (Captain James) is on EVERY trip. That means whatever the issue it can be resolved immediately to your satisfaction. From lost contact lenses to broken hearts there is nothing we can’t fix! No other sailing holiday company offers that.

We’ve been sailing the Med for over 13 years and visiting every imaginable harbour, marina and beach we want to show you the breath-taking scenery, crystal clear waters, gastronomical delights and even a few cheeky places to dance the night away after a few drinks.

We research our trips and do pre-trips to ensure we find the best activities, restaurants and bars for you to enjoy. We’ve eaten, drunk and/or fallen asleep in every bar, restaurant and night spot we introduce you to. It’s hard work but someone has to do it!

We organize great social activities that the mature adult wants to get involved from private parties to our famous SailingTheMed yacht race

Typical Day

We could tell you some marketing rubbish that there is no ‘typical’ day but by the end of the week we promise you that we’ll have you into a wonderful routine. We don’t have a pre-determined start time each day but rather have a general consensus from the crew with a little input from the skipper and an evaluation to any persons ‘Missing in Action’ from the preceding nights activities.

After lunch the wind tends to increase a little which makes perfect conditions for sailing. Not too strong, not too weak, the Med is famous for its perfect sailing condition in summer. And 2 or more yachts sailing together makes a race in our minds ? Ready, Set, Go….

Whether you want to take the helm and direct the crew or simply read and relax, the decision is all yours. Your biggest challenge may be deciding what cold drink to put in your hand or the afternoon’s music selection. Finally, Après sailing drinks, moored up and watching the excitement of another Mediterranean evening unfold in a new location – nothing is more magical than sitting with a drink in hand on a yacht in the Med as the sun goes down.

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